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Contact: Igor V. Chepkasov

Санкт-Петербург город Санкт-Петербург


We're make connections. According smart thing.

General info

#SMARTEXPO is International exhibition and conference dedicated to unmanned aerial vehicles and advanced technologies.

To visitors will be presented solutions and components of "smart house", robotics, numerous models quadrocopters and other unmanned vehicles, 3D-printers, fitness trackers and other mobile gadgets that will surely permeate all areas of our lives, and without which we gradually can no longer do (primarily because it is very convenient).

A special section of the exhibition will be devoted to the Internet of things, e-government, decentralized platforms, smart contracts cryptocurrency and many P2P-decisions. Mobile application developers will present their new products and start-ups, and corporate executives, investors and business angels to demonstrate their abilities and carry out the selection of applications for vacant positions and obtaining project financing.

As part SmartEXPO conference will be held at which their reports, workshops and presentations by leading manufacturers and suppliers, as well as famous testers and reviewers.

  • Insurance Cover:
  • Yes - Third-Party Liability Insured
  • Certified pilot(s):
  • Yes
  • Number of hours drone flight experience:
  • e.100+


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  • per Hour
  • Currency:
  • EUR



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